The big news. KJV, the Lombardy Regional Committee evaluates a tournament for Under 23s only

For at least six years now in Italy the issue of Under 23 teams, or Second Teams or B Teams, whatever you want, has been on the table, but the reform in this regard has never really taken off, nor has the project. Only two clubs have opted for the Second Team, and Juventus led the way six years ago, followed only this year by Atalanta; Milan seems to be coming into play for next season, while Fiorentina and Napoli are considering the possibility, abandoned by Sassuolo at least for the season in Serie B.

But if among the big teams there are those who are still asking questions, among the Amateurs there are those who have instead taken action. Because, (as we had already told, Tritium, despite the relegation to Excellence, has launched its Second Team, which will take part in the next First Category tournament. Of the project, during the transmission of TMW Radio All C aired yesterday morning, the CEO of the Lombard club Giuseppe Pardeo he spoke thus: “It is an ongoing project, which arises from the fact that as a club we have always had a vast youth sector, even geographically we are in a very dense position with football activity, we are between Milan and Bergamo, and we have always been one of the a company that provided several players on loan, to monitor them and then recall them. From this was born the idea of ​​creating a Second Team, having them closer without sending them elsewhere, also recalling great football in terms of communication, but without the intention. to mimic Juventus and Atalanta: we just want to do something that we believe is also useful for amateurs.”

But be careful, the Director himself has launched another important aspect that could open up a different future for the U23s: the Lombardy Regional Committee will attempt to structure a championship for Second Teams only. “I believe it can really take hold in the amateurs – said Pardeo -. Apart from us, the only ones to have the idea within us, I know that the Lombardy Regional Committee will also, on an experimental basis, from next season try to have the clubs experiment with a project similar, obviously understanding where between First, Second and Third Category there will be free slots. This can be a plan B to really help the kids grow. We have used another freshman, the friendly team will change its name and add the acronym Tritium Next Gen to their initials.”