Sudakov further away from Italy: “I dream of the Premier League, I’m ready to play in it”

Georgiy Sudakov is one of the big names followed by the big Italians for the summer transfer market. The Shakthar Donetsk talent has been followed, on several occasions, by both Juventus and Napoli but to date, not only due to a question of costs, his future seems to be more directed towards the Premier League.

“I spoke to Mudryk in the past and told him how much I want to play in the Premier League and how great it would be to play in the same team. He told me that at that moment I wasn’t ready for the kind of pressure there is in England, that I would be I should have gone only when I was able to handle them, and I am,” explained the Ukrainian player.

So the final conclusion:
“The Premier League is my dream, it would be fantastic to play there in one of the best teams in the world. I can’t name one as my favourite, they are all very famous clubs. As Guardiola said, winning the Premier League is more difficult than winning the Champions League “.