Steven Gerrard, the infamous slip that tarnished his career. But legend in Reds

A mistake that encapsulates a career. Or rather, it absorbs it. Because Steven Gerrard, one of Liverpool’s great symbols, is remembered in the Premier League for that, in addition to his goals and assists. Ten years ago, in 2014, the Reds were very close to lifting the Premier League, after twenty-four seasons always behind Manchester United, City, Arsenal and Chelsea. On the third last matchday, Liverpool faces Chelsea at Anfield, with City first in line to play shortly after against Crystal Palace.

It would seem like an easy win for Liverpool. Or at least, if not easy, presumed. Mourinho’s Chelsea is not having a great season, on the contrary. Gerrard is 34 years old, he has offers from everywhere, in particular from Major League Soccer. In injury time in the first half, the drama: Sakho passes it to his captain, who slips. Demba Ba takes the ball and, having arrived in front of Mignolet, freezes him with his right foot. The Reds’ dream ends, because in the second half Fernando Torres leads the counterattack for Willian’s 2-0.

The midfielder will never win the Premier League. Klopp did it, years later and stopped a curse that lasted three decades, but Gerrard can console himself with the Champions League victory in 2005. And for still being an idol, because even heroes sometimes fall. Steven Gerrard turns 44 today.