Sassuolo, Ceide announces farewell: “It was a terrible season for me, I’m leaving”

The diaspora begins at Sassuolo after the ruinous relegation to Serie B. Emil Ceide change of scenery, the Norwegian born in 2001 has never managed to find space and has his suitcases in hand. It was the player himself who announced his farewell to Sassuolo on the microphones of Tv2: “I’m on holiday, so I came with friends and “brosjan” (twin brother, Mikkel Konradsen Ceïde).

This year 11 appearances and zero goals:
“It was a terrible season for me. I didn’t play as much as I wanted and we got relegated. It wasn’t the best season”

Do you want to go away?
“Yes, at least the way the situation has been, I have to find something new. I have to be able to play and grow.” The Sassuolo player says that the dialogue with the club has been poor, and he himself believes that he should have gone out on loan to find more space: “I haven’t heard anything from the club yet (about the possibility of leaving this summer). Now I have to just wait because things are changing after the relegation. Is it appropriate to stay?

Ceide does not hide the temptation to return to Rosenborg: “Yes, I love Rosenborg and I’m always happy when I return to Trondheim. Playing for the club again wouldn’t have been bad.” The winger claims not to have spoken to Rosenborg, but talks about the good relations with RBK sporting director Mikael Dorsin: “I know him well, he’s like an uncle to me. But here there has been no talk of returning.”