Rome, Garzya: “Dybala is the real champion, to replace him we would need another”

TMW Radio

Gigi Garzyaa former footballer among many for Roma, analyzed some issues relating to the Giallorossi on Tmw Radioduring the Piazza Affari broadcast.

What do you expect on the market from the new sporting director Ghisolfi?
“This year we saw that there was a gap with the other teams. If Roma wants to compete with the others they will have to operate a lot on the market. We all hoped that the miracle of qualifying for the Champions League would happen, but that wasn’t the case.”

Where can this gap be bridged with others?
“An important player would be needed for each department. Up front then, with doubts about Dybala, Abraham and Lukaku, it won’t be easy to find someone suitable to replace them.”

Is Dybala untransferable for Roma or not?
“Dybala is Roma’s true champion, to replace him we would need another champion. With Dybala we must hope that there aren’t too many injuries, even though he played more with De Rossi.”

In the last four seasons Roma have almost always reached the same points in the championship.
“There weren’t even a few of them, but the others ran faster. Roma have reached that number of points because they cannot go further, as the others are stronger.”

Will Roma also be able to draw on the Primavera next year?
“I’m always of the opinion that guys should go out on loan in other categories to gain experience. At that age it’s right for them to play.”

Today is also the anniversary of the passing of Agostino Di Bartolomei.
“As a player he was really strong, he represented Roma. Unfortunately many only remember how he passed away, but he was a man and a top footballer.”