Restelli: “Fiorentina, I didn’t see the fire. Now the transfer market will never grow otherwise”

TMW exclusive

He spoke during TMW News Maurizio Restelli who as a former Viola midfielder commented on Fiorentina’s bitter defeat in the Conference final against Olympiacos. “It was a disappointment for everyone, for those who made the trip and not only. There were high expectations, but the performance leaves us perplexed. It wasn’t the best Fiorentina in terms of playing, the Viola also paid for the lack of cynicism in front of the goal. The fire inside was missing, to aim for victory. In the second half I expected more, the three best were also missing, Bonaventura, Arthur and Nico Gonzalez done things that have rarely been seen in the league, with many long balls. There wasn’t the usual game. More than one vote per season, now I feel like saying that there is disappointment but Fiorentina has achieved a ranking that is high. reflects his value. The icing on the cake could have been the cup which perhaps would have overestimated the strength of the team, there are many things to review, but this is the value and there is no doubt about it.”

How would you see Palladino’s possible arrival as coach?
“He’s a coach with good results, but we need to know that there’s a certain type of transfer to be made. We need to intervene otherwise we’re back to square one. Experience should lead to making fewer mistakes, otherwise we’ll never grow. Many others teams will certainly improve also thanks to their new coaches. Fiorentina is not growing, the team risks taking a step back because for example Napoli will most likely find them ahead of the Viola. Lazio with Tudor is growing, Roma wants improve. If Fiorentina doesn’t make targeted signings, next season will be complicated.