Prandelli: “Fiorentina, too scared. What a beautiful story Verona has”

TMW Radio

Special guest a Maracanain the afternoon of TMW Radio. Let’s talk about the technician Cesare Prandelli. Here are his words:

Fiorentina, another knockout in the final and always in the last minutes. And immediate criticism for Italiano. How do you evaluate the match and your work?
“Italiano’s work has been excellent, in three years the only thing we can say is that they haven’t managed to find a goalscorer. You do a great deal of work but then you don’t put it in. Then the finals are always a back-to-back game. Lotto yesterday was a bad final, both were afraid and didn’t show much off their balance except in extra time.”

What should they do for post-Italian?
“I don’t know. Today clubs are structured in such a way that a perfect x-ray is taken but there is a lack of people who have played sports at a high level, who have experienced important moments and understand how to make a group grow. Fiorentina seemed to me worse than last year, he was afraid of repeating the same mistake. Maybe Nico was too wide and instead he is someone who needs to have more balls, but these are analyzes that leave the time they find and the result is what counts.”

How do you analyze the finished championship?
“It was deservedly won by Inter. A solid team, which has worked in an extraordinary way in recent years, has put players with personalities in the squad. The Champions League fight was beautiful, exciting, perhaps few have noticed Verona, who everyone thought he was already in Serie B in January, they had dismantled the team, but with Sogliano and Baroni they found a great salvation. They did a great job. This makes you want to do football again.”

Why doesn’t he come back?
“Absolutely not on the bench, but I still like talking about football.”

But what kind of player is Beltran?
“I like it, then the role depends on how the coach wants to play. In my career I have had many forwards with different characteristics, but with a sense of goal. And if they have it you have to enhance certain characteristics. If you have a technical player and he always ask to participate, it loses its identity. For years we have been producing midfielders but not strikers, why? Why do we ask them to play, but we are too in love with a game system. that football isn’t simple? He’s a comedian, but he also knows that it’s simple. There are no out-of-roster players who are obsessed with the game system.”

Who is more obsessed?
“There are several. Thiago Motta doesn’t base himself on this but on the characteristics of the players and the development of the game. Then he invented Calafiori as a centre-back, Zirkzee as an offensive director. He wasn’t obsessed with a number. He isn’t Prandellian in his readings or in his way of coaching Thiago Motta”.

And among the emerging coaches, who do you like the most?
“Gilardino has great humility, and it is the basis of all this. He was very good at not giving a role to Gudmundsson, who skips the man in every area of ​​the pitch.”

Juventus goes for Motta, will it be a winning marriage?
“He was a winning player, in a short time as a coach he showed innovative ideas and the ability to exalt his players. He can win even by risking a different path, because the public is now more demanding than it used to be.”

How important is a coach within a team?
“With the kids the mission is to help the kids grow and not ruin them. The good coach is the one who manages to combine the development of the game with the qualities of the players, but you must also have personality and many other factors. Motta has personality and charisma, It’s perfect for growing a certain gaming culture in an environment.”

Italy at the European Championships, what do you expect?
“Whatever choice Luciano makes will be the right one. I have great respect for that role, which is truly complicated. Whatever decision he makes, I will be close to him.”