Palermo, accelerated for the coach: positive contacts with Paolo Zanetti

Accelerated at home Palermo for the new coach. According to what was reported by Corriere dello SportIn fact, unless there is sensational news, the Rosanero bench will be entrusted to the hands of Paolo Zanettia coach born in 1982 who has been out of action since last September after the end of his experience in Serie A at the helm ofEmpoli.

The latest contacts between the parties, we read again in the newspaper, have had a positive outcome and no negative surprises are expected. In any case, before starting his new professional adventure, Zanetti will have to free himself from the contract still in place until June next year with the Tuscan club. This situation should not present any particular problems.

Zanetti (42 years old on December 16th) returns to the Serie B pitches after three years, i.e. since he succeeded in bringing the player back to Serie A. Venice. Previously he had already experienced the world of cadetship on the bench of theAscoli.