Oliveri greets Catanzaro to return to the Goddess: “I hope we meet again soon”

After a year with 30 appearances and an increasingly important role in the tactical board of Vincenzo Vivarini, Andrea Oliveri he is ready to say goodbye Catanzaro and return to home base, theAtalanta.

“This season is already over, passed too quickly, but experiencing indescribable emotions.
A season full of joys that will probably have ended with a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth, but which will always have a place in my heart, Catanzaro will have it…
A group that immediately bonded strongly, creating a family and that faced a championship as a great team.
I want to thank all the fans for the affection and support they have given us all year round, always present in good times and bad, I thank the coach, all the technical staff and the club, for all these moments spent together and for the growth that I had thanks to them.
I hope we meet again soon in Catanzaro, thanks for everything”