New scandal in Spain. Former Barça player Gerard Piqué is under investigation for corruption

New scandal in Spain, Gerard Pique he is under investigation for corruption. The former Barcelona defender has ended up in the register of suspects as part of the investigation into the Spanish federation’s agreement to bring the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

The investigation focuses on suspicions of corruption and money laundering in the hosting of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, an operation orchestrated by former federal president Luis Rubiales.

The Madrid court said on Thursday that contracts signed between the federation and Saudi Arabia in 2019 and 2020 result in a 10-year deal to stage the tournament in the Middle Eastern nation for 40 million euros ($43 million) a year. year. But the documents seized during police raids in March – we read above – they showed that another 4 million euros per year had to be paid as a commission to Piqué’s Kosmos sports entertainment company while the former footballer was still playing for Barcelona and participating in the Super Cup.