Napoli, eyes on Hermoso for the defense. But interest in Buongiorno doesn’t wane either

With the announcement of Giovanni Manna as the new sporting director, the Napoli transfer market can begin, with the managers called upon to satisfy the new coach, Conte reveals today The morning. The reconstruction involves the hiring of two central defenders and the attempt to retain Di Lorenzo with the captaincy and the task of acting at full flank. The Spaniard’s name came up for the delicate role of central defender Mario Hermoso28 years old, who leaves Atletico Madrid in June.

The left-footed central defender is liked, he is on Napoli’s roster, but his entourage seems to have asked for the moon as a salary, thanks to the free agent status of his client. This year Hermoso played 45 matches under Diego Simeone (he also faced Lazio in the Champions League) scoring two goals accompanied by as many assists. The Spaniard performed well in all the roles of the back pack in a defense with three centre-backs.

The interest in it doesn’t wane either Alexander Good morning. The 24-year-old Torino captain, weaned by Castori first with Carpi and then in Trapani, would be ideal in Conte’s tactical board. Napoli are on his trail, they are ready to shell out around 35 million euros for his contract, but Cairo is asking for more. The Granata owner has set the price of the player (who is also popular in the Premier League) at 45 million euros and almost hopes that a real auction will be launched on the player.