Lazio, there is also the Bazdar track for the attack. And Setti offered Noslin

After the polls for Dia and waiting to understand what will become of Immobile and Castellanos, Lazio is studying other paths for the attack. He was followed Samed Bazdar, 20 years old like Tchaouna (already booked, ed.), center forward of Partizan Belgrade. He showed off himself in the last few months of the championship, from February onwards he scored five goals, snatching the starting place and establishing himself among the Serbian golden babies. In March he made his debut for the senior national team, he came on at the end of the match against Cyprus. Partizan is ready to evaluate offers.

The striker is under contract until 2026, he has been armored in anticipation of his explosion. In Serbia in recent days they had announced imminent contacts between the leaders of Partizan and the leaders of Lazio, accelerating too much. However, rumors continue to spread from Belgrade. Bazdar could be among the twenty-year-olds with great hopes that Lazio takes into consideration. The idea of ​​rejuvenating the squad is nothing new, it has been talked about for months. The doubt is whether it coincides with Tudor’s ideas, more tested in the use of ready and experienced players.

A trail to follow leads to Verona, highlights the Corriere dello Sport. Setti offered Lotito the Dutch Noslin, 24 years old, 5 goals from January to May, key man for Hellas’ salvation. Also 4 assists for him.