Giuntoli is working on the renewal of Rabiot, but Juve’s future depends on transfers

At Juventus, the day of Thiago Motta becoming official as the new coach of the Bianconeri is approaching. The agreement with the former Bologna coach has existed for some time now and next week will be the good one for signing the new contract with the Old Lady. Thiago Motta will sign the agreement with Juventus in Portugal, where he is currently enjoying his holidays after having experienced an intense season with the rossoblù club.

Giuntoli’s priority is to renew Rabiot’s contract.
These are very intense days at Juventus regarding the renewal of Adrien Rabiot’s contract. A meeting with the French midfielder’s entourage, due on June 30, is one of Cristiano Giuntoli’s priorities, who would like to resolve the issue before the start of Euro 2024. Thiago Motta’s arrival on the Juventus bench could represent an extra weapon for the Juventus management to try to convince mother-agent Veronique Rabiot not to raise financial demands too much. The experience and versatility of the strong French midfielder are key elements for the former Bologna coach who could exploit him in the best possible way, making the player an indispensable pawn in his new adventure under the Mole.

Giuntoli is also thinking about sales.
Cristiano Giuntoli will have to be very good at selling some of his players well in order to increase the budget to invest in the transfer market in the summer session. With a limited budget available, between 30 and 40 million euros, The transfers of some players will be fundamental, such as: Szczesny, Kostic, Iling Jr and Kean. We will also need to observe with great attention the situations of Soulè, Barrenechea, Kaio Jorge and Huijsen from whom we can collect a good amount of money to reinvest. Soulè himself, returning from his loan at Frosinone, is the player with the greatest chance of bringing a significant sum into the Juventus coffers which could be around 40/45 million euros. There is also no shortage of offers for Dean Huijsen and Enzo Barrenechea who could also be used as technical counterparts in any negotiations. Giuntoli will have to be good not only at buying but above all at selling, because a large part of his Juventus’ future will pass through this transfer session.