France, Griezmann: “Boring to watch, but defense is the key to moving forward in the European Championship”

Antoine Griezmann, vice-captain of France, spoke at the press conference. We start from the possibility of participating in the Olympic Games in France: “

“My desire is always the same, to make the Olympics. It would be a dream but it’s the club that decides and for the moment it’s not exactly favourable. We’ll decide at the last minute, I can’t do anything else.”

Is there a feeling of being able to do something important at the European Championship?
“Given the level of our team, we can imagine great things in our heads. But it’s on the pitch that we have to prove it. Maybe we have some good names on paper, but we need to have a good group, understand the tactics, all be together to defend, attack and that’s another story.”

Is finally winning the European Championship a personal matter?
“Yes, it’s true, I want to win this European Championship. 2016 hurt me a lot, we were so close, and then the last European Championship was a story of penalties. We will certainly be favorites but we have to prove it on the pitch”

What is the key to going far?
“The key, even if boring, is defense, being a solid team, tenacious in duels, very good in defense, this will allow us to go as far as possible. It’s boring to watch, but that’s how it works.”

How did you react to the return of N’Golo Kanté and how do you see his role?

“I was very surprised, it’s a real pleasure to see him back here in the national team. We know the player, the person, we are very happy to have him with us. His role will be to steal balls, rake in, run everywhere and make us win. He will be of great help.

Several players didn’t have a great season, do you have any doubts?
“Kylian, how many goals did he score? 44? And didn’t he have a good season? Damn guys… If some have played less, for us they will be fresher, they will have fresh legs. Maybe in the first or second match you have difficulty getting in in the competition, but then everything goes by itself, whatever others say, it’s not just the statistics, I hate it when we only talk about that, but 44 goals is a lot for us to make sure he’s happy and touch as many balls as possible, we all have our role to play.

What is your opinion on the situation of Paul Pogba, disqualified for doping?
“I saw him in Madrid two months ago. He was very sad, emotional. He will make it, he has started training on his own. We are waiting for him. We will miss his power in midfield, his joy of living, his desire to win, he was a great leader in the locker room and it’s sad not to have him among us.”

How do you see your future at the club?
“I want to continue at Atlético, it’s where I want to be, where I want to end up in Europe, it’s a pride for me to wear the Atletico shirt.”