Fiorentina, Italian: “I will soon talk to Commisso about my future”

Vincenzo Italiano, Fiorentina coach, spoke at the end of the defeat in the Conference League final against Olympiacos

What do you think of this second final lost in Europe?
“I think the team played a match like a final should be played. We conceded the right amount, we had scoring opportunities, we needed more concreteness and they found the play in the last minutes. In my opinion there was a foul on Milenkovic. We had many goals that could change the match. We knew it couldn’t be a good match, played with quality, but we could do something more with the arrival of Ikone and Beltran. We could get to the bottom and lose like that, without ever being dominated. It’s a disappointment. We could have been the ones to lift the cup, it’s a disappointment.”

Could you have done more?
“You all saw the match. We could have scored in at least three or four situations. Reaching three finals is a difficult journey. In the last match you have to have consistency and quality. We kept our attention high, we only conceded two shots. We could have scored two goals in the first half, even equalized in the 120th minute. Unfortunately you have the opportunities to score and in the end you complain about the fact that you weren’t concrete. I understand the fans’ anger, it’s the same as ours. We were all convinced that we could achieve something more, we were prepared and we were enthusiastic, but we also experienced the concreteness that we have often lacked in recent years.”

Limits of mentality?
“For me, Fiorentina always risked winning in three finals and won nothing. Maybe you’re missing something. In the future, given that there are excellent foundations, you’ll have to put things right where you didn’t make an impact. Incredible foundations have been laid, with so many young players. They will have a huge amount of experience. Fiorentina will be able to go a long way in the Cup, in the league and in the Conference. We must be able to accept defeats too.”

Can we think that next year you will still be the one to improve this team together with the club?
“I spoke with the president and in the next few days, before or after Bergamo we will meet and see what my future will be and what the future of Fiorentina will be. What will be identifying the growth that this group can have. I am convinced that many players will stay.”