Fiorentina defeated again in the final, the third in two years. Italian doesn’t talk about the future

Fiorentina has to deal with another bitter disappointment and gives way to Olympiacos in the Conference League final, the third lost in the last two years and more generally in the Italian era. At the end of 120 minutes that were anything but spectacular and lived on the edge of tension, the Viola team had to give way to the Greeks’ home celebrations (even if the stadium belonged to AEK’s rivals).

It also risks being Vincenzo Italiano’s last final on the Fiorentina bench. So much bitterness, considering that perhaps he will be the first – far from the public spotlight and open microphones – to admit that this challenge could have been interpreted differently.

Speaking after the match, the Viola coach preferred to remain vague on the topic of his futuregiven that the expiring contract will not be automatically renewed until 2025: “I spoke with the president and in the next few days, before or after Bergamo we will meet and see what my future will be and what the future of Fiorentina will be. That which will be to identify the growth that this group can have. I am convinced that many players will stay.”