Fiorentina, cycle concluded for Italian. Palladino favorite for his legacy, meeting in the next few days

The day after the final lost by Fiorentina, the second in a row in the Conference League, Republic questions the future of the Viola bench, starting from the assumption that Vincenzo Italiano’s cycle appears to be over. From July the former Spezia coach could lead Bologna to qualify for the Champions League, following Motta’s move to Juve. Even if Lazio is observing in case of a break with Tudor. In recent weeks he has also been sought by Marinakis’ Nottingham Forest, the same owner of Olympiacos who beat him.

His legacy will most likely be collected by Raffaele Palladino, who will meet the Viola management in the next few days. The Monza coach will have to lead Fiorentina in the Conference for the third year in a row.

These are Italiano’s words on his future after the match played yesterday in Athens: “Losing always hurts. Getting to the bottom is a great merit, but we didn’t manage to lift a trophy. It’s part of the growth process, even if the The journey gets a little stained when you see the boys crying. We were convinced of a different outcome than last year. At this moment I’m also too disappointed and sorry because I was the first to believe it. Another match awaits us on Sunday. The season will then end in Bergamo and I will speak with the club.”