Dybala “curious about the Premier League and La Liga”. Here’s how this summer’s clause works


“It’s difficult for me to see myself outside Italy, because here I grew up and became a man. Italy gave me everything. It would be difficult to leave it, but of course one always has the curiosity and desire to play in leagues like La Liga , the Premier League, where there are great teams and great players.”

Paulo Dybala’s words bring back the clause issue: he has the possibility of freeing himself from the first to the thirty-first of July for 13 million euros. A figure valid only for a foreign club that wants to invest in Joya’s talent. A decidedly affordable cost: how much is a thirty-year-old number ten (he will only turn thirty-one at the end of November), who has international experience with Juventus, who won a World Cup and this season, despite physical problems, scored sixteen goals?

The reality is that Dybala would be the perfect player for many top-flight clubs. For abroad, then, the last word would be up to the Argentine, with Roma potentially increasing the player’s salary up to 6 million euros, but not completely blocking him in a peremptory manner. In short, if a proposal from Barcelona (a company taken as a reference) worth 13 million arrived, Dybala could accept it without necessarily having to take Roma into account.

In Italy this is not the case: the clause is 20 million euros, but Roma could then activate a salary increase from 4 million to 6 million per year to block the proposal from a club from the Bel Paese. In short, a way to avoid thefts of Milan, Inter or Naples at prices that are not exaggerated.