Di Gregorio will arrive at Juve. But Szczesny won’t take a step back: he wants to stay

There Juventus he could play the entire 2024/25 season with a ‘bulky’ number twelve. Cristiano Giuntoli who identified in Michele Di Gregorio as Juventus’ starting goalkeeper for the next season and has practically closed the agreement with Monza on the basis of an offer of twenty million euros, he must deal with the will of the Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesnynot to leave the Juventus club one year before the contract expires.

In the last year of the agreement, Szczesny will earn 6.5 million euros net and has no intention of leaving Juventus, except for an equally prestigious club. In the recent past, the former Polish goalkeeper made it clear that a transfer to the Saudi Pro League is not a possibility for him: “I have a lot of money in my life. I prefer fun challenges and defending the Juventus goal is the best challenge that I can give myself,” he said nine months ago.