Cremonese, Zanimacchia: “I feel very grown up, the game we develop helps me”

The exterior of the Cremonese Luca Zanimacchia spoke to the microphones of Sky after the first leg of the Serie B playoffs with Venezia, which ended 0-0.

You came close to scoring: can you tell us about that occasion?
“I shot as best as I could, Joronen made a great save. The next match will be very close, we will try to do our best as always.”

Do you go out with more conviction?
“We knew we could put them in difficulty and we did. We have to work and try to win, which is the only thing that matters.”

You grew up with Stroppa.
“This year I feel like I’ve grown a lot. The game we develop helps me, I touch a lot of balls and I often find myself in one-on-one situations.”

“We need to keep our emotions at bay and try to win. Like tonight, but trying to score a goal. I’m convinced we will succeed.”