Contract signing in Lisbon next week: Thiago Motta to Juventus, here we go

Here we are. In home Juventus everything is ready for the signing of Thiago Motta as the next Juventus coach after 3 years with Massimiliano Allegri on the bench. The basic agreements are already there and according to the latest rumors gathered, next week will be the good one for signing the new contract with the Bianconeri.

The official act of signing will curiously take place in Portugal, in Lisbon. The contracts are already ready, with the former Bologna coach who will sign a three-year basic contract. It remains to be seen whether the option for a further season will be added, as well as the salary that the coach will receive in his new adventure.

The issue of the signature in Lisbon is quickly explained. In the past few hours Thiago Motta left for Barcelona, ​​on his motorbike, to join his father and brother. From there he will then leave for Portugal, destination Cascais, where he will join his daughters for a few days of vacation. And it is precisely on Portuguese soil that black and white will arrive and his new stage as Juventus coach will officially begin. “The future matters little now, I think about resting. I will go to Barcelona and see my dad and my brother there, then I will continue to Cascais to join the rest of my family. Now is the time to be together and then make the best possible decision “, he said in recent days on the sidelines of his farewell to Bologna.