Comotto: “Fiorentina eternally unfinished, the Conference was in the cards. Italiano is at the end of the cycle”

Gianluca Comottoformer full-back of Florentine and Turin, spoke to the microphones of TV Playtalking about the evolution that the world of football has had over the years, as well as obviously other topics on the pitch: “We always end up nostalgic for what was in the past, but in reality football changes and the players change. There was an evolution in the role of full-back, where I played, which led to the birth of full-backs.”

What is important today?
“The full-back can centralize and create space for the winger. It is the evolution of football, which no longer has pre-established roles, but seeks to occupy space. I needed to see the sideline at my side, which It gave security and a point of reference.”

What future for Italiano after the defeat in the Conference final?
“It seems clear to me that we are at the end of the cycle with Fiorentina. Yesterday we played a different match than usual, more careful than the semi-finals. It always gives the idea of ​​the glass being half full and half empty. Fiorentina are eternally incomplete. Olympiacos were within reach.”

What are your thoughts on Italian?
“He’s an excellent coach. He did well everywhere. Taking an overall picture, the team seems like it could win something, the Conference was in Fiorentina’s heart. Commisso invested a lot of money, it must also be said that something is missing up front. Yesterday, especially in the first half, there were opportunities, cynicism and experience, the game could be managed.”

An analysis of how Dodo interpreted the match yesterday?
“In the Conference final between Olympiacos and Fiorentina, he didn’t have a great game. In the semi-final he was one of the best, in the final he made a lot of mistakes coming out. He also comes from a torn cruciate, there are ups and downs. Kayode? It’s interesting, he’s part of those attacking full-backs and he needs to improve in the defensive phase.”