Brambati: “Inter, Lautaro makes certain requests because he has offers. Surprised by Conte”

TMW Radio

The former footballer and prosecutor Massimo Brambati to TMW Radioduring Maracanaspoke about the issues of the day.

Your opinion on Fiorentina’s defeat?
“I’m sorry for Fiorentina, I hear a lot of disappointed fans. But this is football. Finding the culprits in a one-off match, where you had chances, is difficult. Maybe you didn’t have the right quality up front, but we saw it from the beginning of the year The photograph of this year is the home match against Juve, where he played an impressive amount of play, then made a shot on goal from a free kick and took ol on Juve’s only shot ‘the only one with quality, he doesn’t work… In some key matches Fiorentina stumbled.”

Inter, Marotta reassured about the renewals of Lautaro and Inzaghi:
“I say about Lautaro that through his staff he will have offers in the hands of other clubs, who tell him how much they can give him. And therefore he makes certain requests also based on the other offers. So it is reasonable to expect that someone who comes from a won World Cup, from the victory in the top scorer rankings, who showed what he showed and carried Inter on his shoulders, ask for certain figures. I believe he has the right to ask, then if Inter can’t maybe they will make other decisions But I think the request doesn’t coincide with what Inter can give. It’s a high salary for Inter but not for him, so the request is legitimate let him ask too.”

Thiago Motta, it would seem that economic issues have arisen. He would have asked for 5 million net, while Giuntoli offers 3.5. Without calculating the staff:
“I had lunch with someone two weeks ago and I was told that Juventus don’t have that much money but more, but it’s the Elkann family who doesn’t want to spend it.”

Di Gregorio to Juve for 20 million:
“I also initially doubted it, but I spoke to someone from Monza and he told me he’s a phenomenon. He’s not as tall as many others, but they tell me he’s a phenomenon. Of course, to be a goalkeeper at Juve you also have to have the p***s”.

What does it add?
“Motta is part of these new fashion coaches who are now looking for clubs. I don’t know how much they can withstand the impact of certain places where there are strong pressures that are not the same as Bologna.”

Will Conte do better at Napoli or Motta at Juve?
“I don’t know. I’m surprised. I respect Napoli, but they finished tenth and from a team that I won’t say will be dismembered, but will see the departure of an important player like Osimhen. I see risks, I expected some top club to look for him and this didn’t happen. De Laurentiis certainly saw it well, I hope that Antonio sets clear boundaries, because the president is a question mark. We know the relationships with the other coaches, even Spalletti, who won the Scudetto , he didn’t come out well. I hope he sets some limits and takes his title with him, which is that of a winner. If you take Conte, they expect to finish first in Naples, not fourth that they have nothing more to say in the squad and the points to strengthen you for that objective. History says that Napoli have won three Scudetti, Conte signed only 5 as coach and I hope they are respected.”

Will Chiesa and Vlahovic stay? Who will be sold in the case?
“It will depend on Motta, he will decide. And if Giuntoli thinks he has got the shop boy, he is wrong, because he has personality.”

Fonseca-Milan, will it go like this?
“From this transfer market, I expected that Juve and Milan would fight with Conte. Then I have my answers for both and I can’t say them. For Juve, perhaps he wouldn’t have been Giuntoli’s coach.”