Bonaventura’s report cards: the errors in front of Tzolakis affect him and weigh heavily

The two missed opportunities in the first half weigh like rocks. Giacomo Bonaventura he will not easily forget the night in Athens, which could have led Fiorentina to conquer the Conference League. Instead, it was Mendilibar’s Olympiacos who lifted the trophy and the Italian midfielder, also due to those two errors, was unable to reach the mark despite a generous game.

TMW gives him 5.5: “The two best chances of the first half are his: bad in finishing on the first, unlucky on the second. He runs for three, but the chances weigh”. La Gazzetta dello Sport he writes: “Two occasions in one minute: first he misses a “penalty”, then he misses the throw. The first mistake is serious. He tries to tie up the game but he’s not at his best.”

Also the Corriere dello Sportunderlines that “he doesn’t win the duel with Tzolakis by going lightly on that ball and puts his hands in his hair, knowing that someone like him usually doesn’t miss those balls” and this, he reports Tuttosport“ends up affecting his increasingly tired performance” 5.5

La Gazzetta dello Sport 5.5

Corriere dello Sport 5

Tuttosport 5.5