Turris, D’Oriano backtracks: he will not take over the club. And enrollment is now seriously at risk


Definitely not an easy moment for her Turris, especially in view of the imminent deadline of June 4th, which could be a key date for the future of the coral club. Which, despite salvation and consequent permanence in Serie C, is not experiencing a good moment on the corporate front. In recent days, as we had already anticipated, patron Antonio Colantonio had received the availability of Vincenzo D’Oriano, current minority shareholder of the club, to take overbut the situation has now changed.

As indeed collected by the editorial staff of TuttoMercatoWeb.comafter comparisons aimed at defining the situation, D’Oriano seems to have retraced his steps, and will not take over the company; who now seriously risks not even submitting the application to register for the championship third series for the 2024-25 year.
The hopes of the Campanians are truly hanging by a thread. Considering then that there is no further news of the Venetian consortium that was interested in Turris.

So all that remains is to wait, but hopes are truly reduced to a flicker. To avoid disaster, a final coup will indeed be needed, but within this week.