Tritium launches the Next Gen lineup. The GM: “But let’s not imitate Juve and Atalanta”

TMW Radio

There has been a strong debate in Italy about U23 teams for some time, but only Juventus and Atalanta have joined the project. There is a lot of talk about Milan, who could take over next season, but among the Amateurs there are those who have already implemented the project: despite the relegation to Eccellenza, Tritium has launched its Second Team, which will take part in the next First Category tournament (HERE the press release). During the transmission of TMW Radio All Cto talk about everything, intervened the CEO of the Lombard club Giuseppe Pardeo: “It is an ongoing project, which arises from the fact that as a club we have always had a vast youth sector, even geographically we are in a position very dense with football activity, we are between Milan and Bergamo, and we have always been one of the clubs that has provided several players on loan, to monitor them and then recall them. From this was born the idea of ​​creating a Second Team, having them closer without sending them elsewhere, also recalling great football in terms of communication, but without the intention of imitating Juventus. and Atalanta: we just want to do something that we believe is also useful for amateurs. We were in Serie D until a few months ago, and we have many good young players: we wanted to keep them in D, and send them to Promotion, to a friendly team. so to speak, the less ready guys. Then by fate we were relegated, the club with which we established a synergy was also relegated. But so we will have an extra year on the roadmap.”

However, you will be a bit like the Juve of the Amateurs, the progenitor of a new project. But why does Italy still turn up its nose at Second Teams?
“This rule which obliges young people to play in the amateur ranks, by federal obligation and not by reward for playing time which leaves free choice, does not exist for example in the First, Second and Third Categories: today there is no common guideline, of year every year we improvise and every year the topic of young people is debated. I think it all starts from here.”

Speaking of Under 23, what struck you about the B teams in Serie C?
“They certainly did very well. In terms of results, Juventus has a Serie C Italian Cup in their trophy cabinet, this year in the championship and especially in the playoffs they both did well, they are a reality from which some kids will certainly emerge : the investment pays off, and in technical terms there is a lot of work that has been raised since they introduced the 4 over rule which helps without however affecting a young team. when there are more teams, a separate championship should be created for the Under 23s, also to avoid the diplomatic case of teams from which perhaps places are taken away.”

But are we really ready for Under 23 only championships?
“I believe it can really take hold in the amateurs. Apart from us, the only ones to have the idea within us, I know that the Lombardy Regional Committee will also, on an experimental basis, from next season try to have the clubs experiment with a similar project, obviously understanding where There will be free slots between the First, Second and Third Categories. This could be a plan B to really help the boys grow. We have used another freshman, the friendly team will change their name and add the acronym Tritium Next Gen to their initials.”