The Gudmundsson case blocks the market. Genoa can put two other elements up for sale

The reopening of the investigations on Albert Gudmundsson regarding the accusations of sexual violence, the market plans could also change quite a bit Genoa. As the newspaper reported this morning The Republicin its edition dedicated to the city of Genoa, the Icelandic was identified by 777 Partners, owner of the Griffin, like the ‘luxury sacrifice’ of the coming summer. With the idea of ​​reinvesting the proceeds to strengthen the squad Alberto Gilardino.

The news of the last few hours, however, could block any type of outgoing operation for the attacker, thus forcing Genoa to evaluate the sale of other elements, who would otherwise be untouchable.

The first names in this case are those of Josep MartinezSpanish goalkeeper born in 1998 who has a current valuation of just under 30 million euros, Morten Frendrup Danish midfielder who is liked by at least a couple of Premer League clubs