Tenerani: “Fiorentina, for the post-Italian run-off between Aquilani and Palladino”

TMW Radio

To have his say on the Conference League final a Maracanain the afternoon of TMW Radioit was the journalist Mario Tenerani.

Fiorentina, it’s the day of the final:
“I think Beltran doesn’t play and maybe Mandragora in midfield with Bonaventura as a sub. If you want to play with the dribble then go with Arthur in the middle.”

What will happen then with Italiano?
“Yesterday I asked a question and he said that he doesn’t talk about the future and that anything can happen. So he made me understand that maybe there could be a small rethink. But since February he was sure of leaving.”

Who for post-Italian?
“The name is not ready but it seems that there is a run-off between Aquilani and Palladino. Palladino should leave Monza shortly. Baroni is highly esteemed and deserves a good chance but I don’t know that he has been contacted.”