Souloukou: “The Friedkins want to place Roma at the top of Italian and European football”

Roma’s CEO, Lina Souloukou, spoke at the European Globe Soccer Awards: “With a great investment and commitment from the family to grow in the long term and position Roma at the top of Italian and European football. From my origins, therefore Olympiakos and Nottingham Forest, I was lucky enough to live these experiences with different models, with two clubs, two companies that are experiencing important collaborations at all levels, both in football and business and financial terms. This has brought an incredible journey as a club, with Olympiakos we reached the Champions League and Nottingham in the Premier League.”

“At the beginning, a purely sporting evaluation was made: Olympiakos became profitable during Covid thanks to the successes experienced. This evening they will play the Conference League final, I believe it is a model, not only theoretical but concrete. It is not white black or white, right or wrong, the important thing is to be pragmatic, continue doing what we are doing, there are 300 clubs around the world that is based on timeshares, a third of these are in Europe, in leagues like Belgium and Portugal There are many positive things that we, as an industry, can do.”