Serie C playoffs, second leg semi-finals. The ‘Menti’ Vicenza-Avellino match live on Rai Sport

It is with the official note that we report below that the Lega Pro makes known dates and times of the return semi-finals of the Serie C playoffswhich will decide the two finalists who will then face each other in the double match on 5 and 9 June, to determine the fourth team that will arrive in Serie B after the three group winners (Mantua, Cesena and Juve Stabia):


LR VICENZA – AVELLINO —> 9.00 pm “Romeo Menti” Stadium, Vicenza (Live Rai Sport)

BENEVENTO – CARRARESE —> 9.00 pm “Ciro Vigorito” Stadium, Benevento.

Method of execution
The matches valid as “Semi-finals” will be played in home and away matches. The clubs that have obtained the highest points at the end of the home and away matches will have access to the “Final”. In case of equal scores, after the return match, the clubs that have achieved a better goal difference in the two matches will have access to the “Final”. In the event of a further draw at the end of the two matches, two 15′ extra periods will be played and, if this situation persists, penalty shots will be taken. The two winning companies in the “Semi-finals” will acquire the title for admission to the “Final”.

Substitution of players
During matches, FIVE players for each club can be replaced, regardless of the role held. Each team can make the aforementioned substitutions using a maximum of three “interruptions” in the match, in addition to the interval provided between the two halves of play. It should be noted that, where each of the two teams makes a substitution at the same time, this is considered an “interruption” of the match used for substitutions by both teams.
In the event of extra time, one further substitution is permitted, up to a maximum of six, and one further “interruption”, in addition to those foreseen between the end of regular time and the start of the first extra half and between first and second overtime. If a team does not use the maximum number of substitutions and/or stoppages in regular time, unused player substitutions and stoppages may be used in extra time.
At the end of extra time, in the case of penalty shots, it will not be possible to make any remaining substitutions, with the exception of the replacement of the goalkeeper who is unable to continue, as required by Rule 10 of the current Football Regulations.