Renan Lodi plays a prank on him, Neymar takes revenge… By puncturing his car’s wheels

He’s not doing well yet Neymar, who has been stuck in the pits for months now following a very serious injury. The Brazilian striker, who moved to Saudi Arabia to Al Hilal last summer, had to deal with a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and also that of the meniscus in his left knee. But in the meantime, off the pitch, he continues to have fun.

A joke made to the former PSG and Barcelona player by has gone viral on social media Renan Lodi, his compatriot and teammate both in the Saudi team and in the green and gold national team: the left-handed winger tied his shoes together, not allowing him to wear them. And so Oh Ney he decided to take revenge with another prank: Neymar actually punctured the wheels of Renan Lodi’s car. The video went around the web.