Motta removes Bremer from the market: he will be the cornerstone of the new Juventus defense

Thiago Motta removes Gleison Bremer from the market. The idea of ​​the coach – who was chosen by Juventus to start the new cycle – second would be to build the Juventus defensive wall starting from the Brazilian. The change of technical leadership – we read – therefore consolidates his position and does not put it in the balance, even if a large offer could arrive for the player in the transfer market.

There has been a lot of talk – recently – about the possibility that Bremer will leave Juve soon. A hypothesis dictated by a verbal promise made by the club on the occasion of the last contract renewal, which provides for a clause available from summer 2025 and parameterized – between 60 and 70 million – on the size of the English club that wants him: the commitment made by Juve – continues – is to release Bremer as early as this summer in the event of an offer of that size. The hypothesis could become reality if Manchester United, which had carried out a survey in the last days of January, returns to show up in the coming months with such a monstrous offer: in that case, however, the reaction of the player himself would have to be verified, who could be Thiago Motta’s first reference to Juve.