Minotti towards the Conference: “Italiano and Mendilibar, it will be a final between different philosophies”

Lorenzo Minottiformer midfielder and manager and now commentator for Sky Sports of the Conference League final between Fiorentina and Olympiacos, spoke about this evening’s match with a particular focus on the two coaches:

“Mendilibar is the right coach for Olympiacos, a very warm environment that needed someone who brought serenity, balance and compactness. He understood that the weak point was the defense and therefore tries high recovery. They press well in an ultra-offensive way , Fiorentina will have to be careful about this.”

And Vincenzo Italiano instead?
“Italiano has a completely different philosophy, something he has never denied. In recent months he has calmed down and left tensions aside. Proactive play and high defence, with continuous ball possession. It will be a confrontation between two interesting coaches: one he wants to complete one journey, the other wants to spite, a surprise after being his team’s third coach of the season.”