Milan has an (initial) budget for the transfer market that no one in Italy can afford

In the next few days the coaching issue will be officially resolved in via Aldo Rossi, with the bench which, in all likelihood, will be entrusted to the Portuguese Paulo Fonseca. From that moment on, Milan will therefore be able to dedicate energy and resources to the transfer market, where the objectives, at least the initial ones, seem to already be outlined: a starting attacker, a midfielder with defensive characteristics, a central defender and a right back.

Furlani’s words
Giorgio Furlani, CEO of the Rossoneri club, also substantially confirmed this: “The Milan of the future, we will do everything to make it competitive and we will do a more targeted job compared to last year when we had to make a profound change to the squad. So let’s go and compete “. Milan, therefore, is preparing for a transfer session which, even without transfers, will see it as a protagonist thanks to careful and precise economic/financial management over the years.

The budget
But what budget will be available to purchase these tiles? Without considering possible further transfers, Furlani, Moncada and Ibrahimovic will have approximately 90-100 million euros in transfer fees at their disposal from the first day of the market, deriving, in part, from the ‘amortized in the budget’ farewells of Giroud, Kjaer, Caldara and Mirante, the sales of Krunic and Messias and the probable redemptions of De Ketelaere and Saelemaekers. What is certain is that Milan will reinvest everything that arrives as cash flow on the market, always starting, at least in the next few years, from a dominant position compared to its competitors in this field: there are those who, in order to make a market, are forced to yield from year to year despite sporting results between excellent and excellent.