Marocchi: “Giuntoli and Thiago are already at a crossroads: change a lot or enhance who is already there?”

Giancarlo Marocchicommentator and former Bologna and Juventus footballer, spoke to Tuttosport about Thiago Motta’s new adventure as Juventus coach: “There isn’t one in Bologna who is happy about this… – he smiles – Giuntoli and Thiago have a task not simple because they have to make a huge decision immediately: do I change as many players as possible or do I change as little as possible to see how the team expresses itself with a new coach? Because then we all know that the market is complicated and it’s easier to buy, while selling is practically impossible. And we know, among other things, that Giuntoli, in addition to satisfying Thiago, must also satisfy the owners. So he has a particularly complicated task ahead of him because he has to satisfy two…”.

“Even Thiago has to please millions of fans.”

By the way: with bowls still, how should Allegri’s work be judged?
“I would consider Allegri for everything he did for Juve. Little by little we will move away from the end of last year and Max will be remembered as one of the most successful coaches in the club’s history. Because as long as you live in the present, a thousand evaluations are made that in the over time they will be lost and the number of benches and trophies won will remain.”