Juventus Jewellery: all the talents highlighted this year on sale, Giuntoli aims for the treasure

After having settled the coaching issue with Thiago Motta (official announcement expected within a couple of weeks), Cristiano Giuntoli aims to raise cash. The historical moment dictates it Juventusconsequently the market moves that will shape the new team will be financed with the budget made available by the club, 40-50 million, but also from self-financing, i.e. from sales, underlines the Corriere dello Sport.

It is possible that an excellent sacrifice could be made and here the first thought goes to Bremer who has a 61 million clause (10% of which would go to Torino, which boasts this percentage of the possible resale) and which is tempting for many, especially in the Premier League. Motta, however, intends to focus heavily on him and therefore the important farewell could also be that of Chiesa, with Naples and Rome on the horizon and ready to exploit the opportunity.

But there are also jewels on sale who grew up in the Next Gen and spent the last season in the first team or on loan. Among the boys already at home, the positions of Iling-Junior and Nicolussi Caviglia need to be evaluated, if not even Miretti who Thiago however likes. The bulk of self-financing should instead come from those who repay loans. Starting with Dean Huijsen, in the second part of the season at Roma: the defender born in 2005 is valued at 25-30 million and is on the radar of Borussia Dortmund and Newcastle but could also be the technical counterpart to be included in the Koopmeiners deal with Atalanta . The same goes for Soulé, protagonist of an excellent year at Frosinone (11 goals and 3 assists in 39 appearances), who could be included in discussions with the Goddess but also in England, with Aston Villa, Crystal Palace and Newcastle. Barrenechea will also return from his experience at Frosinone, employed for 2,979 minutes in 39 appearances and who could guarantee 10-15 million, and Kaio Jorge, destined for a new experience, while the Uruguayan defender, born in 2003, Facundo will return from his adventure at Sampdoria. Gonzalez.