It’s Venezia-Cremonese, but it reads Pojanpalo-Coda: the final will be in the name of the bombers

It’s Venezia-Cremonese, but you can also read it as Joel PohjanpaloMassimo Coda. In fact, on paper, the two center forwards will be the great protagonists of the Serie B play-off final given that the Finn graduated Pablito of the season with 22 goals, while the Italian finished in fourth place, behind Tutino with 20 and Brunori with 17, with 16 goals on par with Casiraghi of Sudtirol.

However, if in the orange-green house behind Pohjanpalo, who has not yet broken free in the play offs, there are Christian Gytkjaer with 11 centers and then the Americans Gianluca Busio And Tanner Tessmann with seven and six goals respectively; in the Grigiorossa home the class of ’88 is rather isolated in the scorers’ ranking given that behind him there are two midfielders like Michele Castagnetti And Michele Collocolo with four and then Franco Vazquez And Charles Pickel with three. Unlike the Finn, however, the Italian striker scored in these play-offs, scoring one of the six goals with which Catanzaro was knocked out.

Even the specific weight of the goals of the two center forwards is different: if Pohjanpalo with his 22 goals gave Venezia 16 points (0.72 per goal) Coda’s 16 yielded 18 points (1.12 per goal) so much so that the former Genoa player is second behind Pietro Iemmello (17 points with 15 goals for an average of 1.13) in the special ranking relating to this data.