Inter: the crux of Lautaro’s renewal. Juve: Giuntoli’s move (and Di Lorenzo…). Milan: the silences of the management and the (strong) signals about Jonathan David. Naples: the buffer between Conte and De Laurentiis

With the championship closed, delirium breaks out. We are in that dramatic phase of the year in which everything counts, because on the one hand the matches are over (almost) and on the other the transfer market hasn’t officially started yet (officially…).

And then on with the rumba.

Let’s start from the Inter-Lautaro matter, that is, from a renewal that is not simple. Not impossible, but not “you put the number” either. Everyone knows the player’s agent, Alejandro Camano, or at least his voice. And this is because he speaks more or less every day, a sign that something is wrong (otherwise he wouldn’t speak, a question of logic). Camano is “a little fero and a little feather” (cit.) And at the moment he is fierce, in the sense that despite simply doing his job, he is pulling a lot of strings with the Nerazzurri. The problem concerns the gap between supply and demand, which is currently quite large. Faced with a proposal from the club that tries to get close to (but cannot reach) 10 million euros net per season between fixed and variable parts, the good Camano is stuck in very different positions, i.e. a three-year contract that should guarantee more than 36 million euros net to so much Toro. You understand well that under these conditions it is difficult to find a meeting point.

The situation has created nervousness in the Nerazzurri house, where they urgently need to understand what the player’s real will is: does he want to stay in Milan as he convincingly claims? If so, he must necessarily meet the club’s needs, otherwise he will be able to get the money he deserves (certainly there are those who would give it to him), but not at the Nerazzurri.

Developments are expected in the short term because the club wants to understand which path to take: that of a negotiation that can still make sense, or the transfer path that everyone would like to avoid. There is no third way, because thinking of starting the new season without a renewal would create a significant environmental problem (a half-convinced captain? Impossible to pass…).

Conte will end up in Naples (image rights permitting). It is the logical choice of a boss (De Laurentiis) who needs to reawaken the environment after a truly disappointing season. It probably wasn’t his first choice (read Gasperini) but he certainly found a quality alternative, the best when it comes to optimizing in the short term. For Conte, however, it is a question of accepting the only place that has shown real interest in him. To face his new adventure he will be accompanied, among others, by Lele Oriali. Smart move to have the best “breakwater” on the square (sparks must be taken into account between Conte and De Laurentiis).

And Milan. Is Fonseca a bad coach? Not even a little. So why is there all this skepticism surrounding the Rossoneri’s choice? Because at the moment, the public doesn’t trust it. And not of the Portuguese coach, but of whoever chose him. The absence of “external communication” may be a strategic choice by the club but, in fact, it is generating insecurity among the fans, who are tossed around by the media as has rarely happened in the past. Does this necessarily have to translate into “everything will go terribly”? Not even in the slightest but, of course, some “relaxing” declarations would help the environment. For example, who comes in attack to replace that Giroud monument? The names are multiplying, but if the Rossoneri – as is possible – manage to bring home one of Zirkzee or Jonathan David (the track is hot…) they will have done a great thing.

Juve on the other hand is ahead. Or rather, Giuntoli really seems to be in fifth gear. Di Gregorio is a done deal, with Di Lorenzo there is an agreement (even if we have to go through the usual DeLa), Koopmeiners remains a target (expensive, but not completely impossible), Fagioli will somehow be another new signing and, in short, the Juventus manager is doing everything to give Thiago Motta a team that is as functional as possible to his idea of ​​football. It’s just the beginning, but it seems like a good start.

And a pinch of blue. Spalletti says this: “The Inter block is fundamental, thank goodness there are still those who believe in Italian talent, because there is a lot of it and we should give it more space. Having six of the same team is a great thing for us.” One of the secrets of the Nerazzurri’s recent success could definitely become the key to a good European Championship.

Closing with the words of Maurizio Stirpe, owner of Frosinone. He didn’t say them five minutes ago, but immediately after Frosinone-Udinese, when the wound of relegation was very fresh and incredibly painful:

“Unfortunately we weren’t good. For us it is a bitter evening, which however we must accept. I can’t say anything to the fans, they are the owners of the club. In unsuspecting times I said that in the event of relegation I would take on all the responsibilities and so I do. Honor to our opponents, our demerit. Di Francesco is a good football teacher. We will start again from the certainties we have within our club and we will try to write other pages of our little football history.”

He didn’t blame anyone, he remained lucid, he proved to be a great leader in a very difficult moment. He’s not for everyone.