Inter, Inzaghi’s renewal next week: details and figures of the agreement

Yesterday the first meeting took place between the managers of Oaktree, the new owner of Inter, and the coach Simone Inzaghi, with managers Marotta and Ausilio also present at the summit. A meeting as mentioned in which the parties got to know each other directly, without however dealing with hot topics such as the renewal of the coach’s contract and transfer market issues. For this reason we will move on to tomorrow when, with the managers, the coach will take stock of the situation on the transfer market and the strategies to follow in the summer to further strengthen the team.

However, the extension of the coach remains an issue on the agenda which, according to the Gazzetta dello Sportwill soon be addressed: specifically, the good moment should be next week, when Marotta and Ausilio will meet Tullio Tintiagent of the reigning Italian champion coach.

The foundations for the signing and continuation of the marriage have already been laid, there are only the classic details to be sorted out: currently bound to Inter until June 2025, the idea is to extend by 2 years, therefore until 2027 , in line with management extensions. At the same time there will also be a contractual adjustment, with Inzaghi going from the current 5.5 million euros net to 6.5 million, including bonuses.