Gubbio, Notari: “For the autonomous management of the stadium, planning over time is needed”

After the back and forth between the president of Gubbio Sauro Notari and the mayor of the Umbrian city Filippo Maria Stirati regarding the agreement for the management of the Pietro Barbetti Stadium, a new chapter in the tug of war arrives today. The club’s number one has in fact addressed a letter, published on social media, once again asking for a discussion table in which the needs of the parties can be discussed and allow the club to manage the facility in such a way as to be able to plan certain investments.

“In reiterating my convictions on the rather harsh tone demonstrated in your greeting to the city, I believe I leave aside the considerations of a technician who, as a true Tuscan, has never minced his words (and we knew it!), trying to sometimes, as many coaches do, to shift attention to topics that have little to do with the football played or, even worse, with the result of the pitch.

From your words it seems to me that it is the hypothesis of being able to manage the “Pietro Barbetti” stadium autonomously is necessarily viable, but investments and the use of resources can only be realized if we have a project in front of which there is, necessarily, a time duration capable of amortising those “structural” costs which, to date, I repeat, I believe cannot be postponed.

I conclude, however, by recalling that the development of the lighting system, the irregular functioning of which would have compromised the play-off dispute (regardless, unfortunately, of their outcome) was supported by Gubbio Calcio, a serious and highly respected club more externally than within its borders, confirming, at all times, however, the availability for any discussion so that the needs of the parties are concretely satisfied.

​The most sincere hope to provide a credit facility to the upcoming Administration”.