Gabriel Paulista free transfer opportunity: “I’d like to return to Valencia”

Gabriel Paulista last January he terminated his contract with Valencia and moved to Atletico Madrid. However, in the four months he spent under Diego Simeone, he made just five appearances, none of them noteworthy, and for this reason his contract – which expires on 30 June – will most likely not be renewed. But then what will be his future?

The former Arsenal player was joined by the microphone El Chiringuito, in front of which he expressed himself as follows: “I am not yet clear what could happen, my prosecutors are working on all this. The truth is that there are many things I don’t know, when the contract renewal comes I like to know later because especially now that I’m going on holiday I want to enjoy my family and not have to worry about anything, so I don’t know much. Now I want to enjoy the holidays with my family.”

The best years of Gabriel’s career were certainly those at Valencia. And so the Brazilian defender does not close the doors to a possible return: “My family and I would be happy to return to Valencia. In football you never know what can happen, let’s see.”