Fiorentina, the Conference League final as the last dance for many protagonists

Fiorentina wants to end their season on a high note and raise to the sky what would be the club’s first trophy twenty-three years after the last one, over sixty since the last success in Europe. The final against Olympiacos will be the opportunity for many of the Viola protagonists to write a page of personal history and for the Tuscan team, as well as the chance to end their adventure in Florence in the best possible way.

Beyond the issue concerning the coach, that Italian whose future in Viola appears more than ever in the balance, there are several footballers in the air to bid farewell. Juventus and Roma will return to bases from their respective loans Arthur and Belotti, two announced protagonists of the match, even Bonaventura (another starting candidate) could be at the last dance wearing the Fiorentina colours. The same goes even for captain Biraghi, whose future doesn’t seem completely certain.

For example, the captain himself outlined the fate of his coach in the press conference: “Take it for granted that he will definitely go away… As long as he doesn’t tell us anything, if I go and tell him to stay he can reply: ‘What the fuck?’. But I felt that in the last month you were asking him about rumors… answers that he gives, that he thinks about on the pitch, are reality. We have a final to do, but beyond that until 48 hours ago there was another objective, to put the Conference on hold for another year. And then the Joe’s passing… There are so many things to think about that it’s complicated. The only thing I can say is: in the meantime, tomorrow we’ll do what we have to do, for us at all costs: such an alchemy has been created beautiful that it’s too important to honor her with the cup. Then when the coach tells us what to do, I’ll think about it. What she’s done in these 3 years is there for all to see and if she were to leave we would be very sorry.”