Di Gregorio and then Calafiori. Juventus rebuilds its future with moves from Serie A

Two shots that taste like Juventus from the past. Players arriving from Serie A, making the big leap in their careers. Each with his own path, with his own path, with his path. The Old Lady is building its tomorrow with players it is preparing to purchase from our league. That they already know our football and, why not, maybe even the coach who will come. The summit between ownership and management is expected very soon, with Maurizio Scanavino, Cristiano Giuntoli and all the men from the Juventus control rooms at the discussion table. Then green light and off to the future. With Thiago Motta and the players arriving.

Di Gregorio then Calafiori
As told in recent days in these columnsthe agreement with is defined Michele Di Gregorio of Monza. 18 million (16+2) for a player ready to become the new number one for the Bianconeri. On the way out, the club is looking for a solution for both Wojchech Szczesny and Mattia Perin, awaiting official proposals. Then it will be the turn of Riccardo CalafioriThiago Motta’s praetorian at Bologna.

On the plate the young Miretti
Juventus could include in the negotiation a young man appreciated for the present and future, by those who know it like Giovanni Sartori, like Fabio Miretti. An economic negotiation to be settled in detail but Calafiori wants Juventus and Juventus is ready to close for the left-handed defender. Two purchases from Serie A, as in the past, first Di Gregorio and then the defender, a target thanks to which the Old Lady wants to rebuild her tomorrow.