Como, Ludi: “Icardi and Correa won’t come 100%. Audero? No negotiations to date”


The general director of Como Carlalberto Ludi spoke to the media present on the sidelines of the “Rosa Camuna 2024” award of the Lombardy Region: “It is a source of great pride. We are grateful to the Lombardy Region for having awarded us because our project is based on sports development but since 2019 it has been also to the community.”

How do you manage the ambitious ones on Como?
“Just don’t listen and read. Just isolate yourself and stay focused on work. In fact today anyone who has a narrative of a property that spends, squanders and throws away money simply hasn’t looked at what has happened in these five years because the property has always had been prudent, he had always taken calm steps in the direction of growth, only to then arrive in January and have an opportunity to go to Serie A and therefore have allocated a significant budget. After the promotion we will get to be balanced people, both in management than in the choices we have made up until today.”

So can we put Icardi and Correa aside for a bit?
“My words are sometimes exploited (he smiles) so I will be very clear. Unfortunately, and I say this because they are two absolute champions, we will 100% put them aside”.

Audero has visited Como in the last few days.
“Como is visited by a lot of people, I don’t deny that it was also visited by Audero. To date there are no negotiations on him.”

“The stadium is a topic, it’s not on my desk but we are taking action. The hope is to play as many matches as possible at the ‘Sinigaglia’, this club has already demonstrated that when it wants to do things it can do it and so we work in that direction. We have a strict deadline, June 4th, for registration and there we will have to rely on another facility but we plan to play as many matches as possible at the ‘Sinigaglia'”.

Was there talk of Verona or Parma?
“There are more options but since there is nothing official I prefer not to reveal anything.”