Chiesa asks for an increase to renew but Juve says no. Naples and Rome observe

The Corriere dello Sport today analyzes the renewal situation at Juventus, in particular that of Federico Chiesaexpiring in June 2025. Immediately after the victory of the Italian Cup, the attacker opened the door to staying, however conditioning it to a discussion with the club on future projects.

In fact, there is still to be discussed because so far the discussion with the former Viola’s entourage on the renewal, which has already been underway for some time, has not led to any goals. Juve would like to avoid the risk of losing Federico to zero next year but, at the same time, they are not willing to make concessions from a salary point of view and it is no mystery that the player would welcome an adjustment in his salary.

Then there is the Motta chapter: apparently, the Italian-Brazilian coach would not raise the barricades to oppose his possible transfer in the name of the budget. The situation is fluid because an agreement could be reached for a short extension, of just one year, to remove the problem of the deadline and the risk of a free farewell, and wait for news from the market. If a profitable proposal were to arrive, which could help obtain fresh resources for the market, Juve would reflect: Napoli and Roma are looking (very) interested.