Benevento, Auteri: “Carrarese is better up front but the match is in our control”

After two wins and as many draws against Triestina And Torreslast night in Carrara came the first defeat in these playoffs for the Benevento Of Gaetano Auteri. A performance that the Samnite coach commented on during the post-match press conference (source Eight Pages: “Overall we didn’t play a bad game, they did something more up front, but we controlled them. Unfortunately, a single error in an inactive ball situation gave our opponents the victory. It was a balanced match, they just had a little more phrasing, we never suffered any dangerous situations on the restart.

It was the first round and we have the possibility of changing the result in the second leg. In the corners, after all, they weren’t too dangerous either, we made a small mistake and we were punished. They never took over. We have another match, at home: no negative attitudes, because the match was balanced.

We don’t always find the surprise in the egg. By playing at home we can create many situations. We played a lot of balls, we played a lot, sometimes we went out dangerously, there was something missing in the last 20 metres. Whoever entered entered well. Let’s reset, this match could have ended in a draw, but on Sunday we will play at our home ground. We will have other opportunities: Talia did Nardi in an amazing way, as did Agazzi. The team played, we can do better in supporting the attacking game. In our house we are more dangerous.”