Avellino, Pazienza: “Best performance of my management, but the draw is not positive”

A 0-0, the one obtained against Vicenza in the first leg semi-final of the Serie C playoffs, which leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth at home Avellino for the opportunities created and the two crossbars hit on the ‘Partenio’ lawn.

Sensations, these, confirmed by the Irpinia coach himself, Michele Pazienza in the post-match press conference (source TuttoAvellino): “Best performance under my management, but with a match like this, no matter how produced, not being able to win the match must make us angry. We must get to Sunday with that anger inside this result. We don’t leave satisfied, the I’m pleased with the performance, but the results count and if you don’t score you don’t win. So you have to go to Vicenza with the right determination.”

Space, then, for an evaluation of the performance of the individuals: “Great performance, it makes me so angry when I think of the result. There are days in which a lot is created and then it is not achieved. We are in a moment of the tournament where every episode I’ll take it and pass on the compliments to the boys but from tomorrow we have to train with anger, because it was a match to win, as far as it goes. The 0-0 is not positive because I want to make things worse, but because of how we played and produced, we had to win. These guys deserve to go to the final and to do that we have to go there and score goals, even dirty ones.”

Finally, a thought on the refereeing episodes of the match: “I won’t go into the specific episodes, even though I was told that the ball entered Gori’s crossbar. But I dispute everything about the refereeing tonight, it was a refereeing direction that I didn’t like I liked it, there was a need for more personality. Vicenza systematically made tactical fouls. I never complained to the referees, but sometimes you have to have respect even for those who sit here referees like this arrive on the pitch, what do they do in meetings? I have gone over the top, but I haven’t gone further, without exceeding. I only asked for respect.”