After Inter, Turin and Como, Bormio hosts another club: Pisa’s pre-season training camp there

It is with an official note that the Pisa communicates that “Bormio will be the new location for the pre-season training camp. To prepare for the 2024-2025 Serie B Championship, the Nerazzurri will therefore go to Valtellina in the second half of July, taking advantage of the very high-level facilities present and used in the past by top-flight clubs such as Inter and Torino and in the summer of 2023 by Como .

The Pisa Sporting Club will place its headquarters inside the Hotel Palace in Bormio and will develop the entire competitive and training part in the US Bormiese facilities which have their flagship in the Municipal Sports Field in via Manzoni.

The program of events will be made official soon, as well as, obviously, that relating to training and any Test-Matches.”