The Rabiot node is crucial for the Juventus market. And Chiesa wants to stay in Turin

Thiago Motta’s first real request to Juventus will be that of a central defender capable of setting up the game. Corriere dello Sport underlines this: today – we read – Juve in the squad does not have these types of characteristics and, probably, with Locatelli adapted as director, he also lacks this attitude in midfield. We would like Calafiori, if it weren’t for the fact that Bologna considers him untransferable.

Beyond the other names, however, the Rabiot issue is crucial: a meeting this week with the mother-agent Veronique will clarify whether there is room to continue together. This choice will inevitably influence the Juventus market.

Chiesa, on the other hand, has expressed his desire to remain where he is, but does not yet have the agreement for the extension. And it’s not a detail. The 50 million treasure that CEO Scanavino has made available for purchases, after two sessions with zero spending, will not be enough. Giuntoli will inevitably have to increase it with some transfers.