Taranto is eager for the new general manager: Fabrizio Lucchesi, the hot name

Waiting to understand if the Taranto and Ezio Capuano they will continue the journey together (tomorrow there should be a meeting between the parties to better outline the situation) the Apulian club is working to include a new general manager in its organization chart.

A charge which, as reported by South antennacould be covered by Fabrizio Lucchesia manager with great experience in all categories that President Giove has been courting for some time.

Lucchesi (62) during his professional career which began at the dawn of the 90s in the FIGC, worked for clubs such as Empoli, Roma, Palermo and Nice (three clubs then all owned by the Sensi family), then followed by Fiorentina, Cesena , Avellino, Pescara, Pisa, Latina, Lucchese and Monterosi.